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SAS BI Online Training

SAS BI Online Training Course COntent
Business User Reporting Applications
Use the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.
Use SAS Web Report Studio.
Use SAS Information Delivery Portal.
Advanced Reporting Techniques and Roles
Modify an existing SAS Information Map.
Create a New SAS BI Dashboard Indicator.
Create data sources for reporting and analysis.
Interpret permissions and file structures defined in metadata by the platform administrator.
Creating Information Maps
Utilize different data sources.
Use filters and the prompting framework to dynamically subset data.
Create prefilters to subset the information map data.
Building a SAS BI Dashboard Application
Build SAS BI Dashboard Components.
Build advanced SAS BI Dashboard Components.
Building Stored Processes
Create a stored process from a SAS Enterprise Guide Project.
Create a stored process from a SAS Program.
Add prompts to a stored process.
Create a stored process to provide a dynamic data source.
Define the macro variables generated for each prompt type.
Utilizing Advanced Techniques with SAS Reports
Build advanced reports with SAS Web Report Studio.
Create and use SAS report templates.
Link reports in SAS Web Report Studio.
Schedule and distributing SAS Reports.
Build SAS reports with SAS Enterprise Guide.
Create shared prompts.
Utilizing Multidimensional (OLAP) Data Sources
Apply Online Analytical Processing concepts.
Build an OLAP cube with SAS OLAP Cube Studio.
Build an information map from a SAS OLAP Cube.
The Environment Metadata
Describe the metadata created and used by the SAS Platform.