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Micro strategy Online Training

Micro strategy Online Training Course Content

Introduction to Micro strategy
✔Business Intelligence (BI)
✔Introduction to BI Tools
✔Datebase Overview
Introduction to Microstrategy
✔Microstrategy Architechture
✔Microstrategy Desktop
✔Microstrategy Web
✔Microstrategy Servers
✔Folder Structure
✔My Personal Objects
✔Public Object
✔Schema Object
✔Report View
✔Data – Export
✔Auto Styles
✔Custom Groups
✔Update Schema
Advanced Features
✔Project Configuration
✔Attribute Creation
✔Metric Creation
✔Drill Map
✔Administration Facts
✔Creation Of Reports
✔Grid Report
✔Analizing Data
✔Data Explorer
✔Adhoc Reporter
✔Report Creation On Web
Experts Features And Administration
✔Intilligence Server
✔User Creation
✔User Privilage
✔Security implimentation
✔Object Manager
✔Command Manager
✔Formatting Report
✔Understanding Requirement
✔Performance Improvement
✔SQL Creation
✔Challenges in Report
✔Administrative Configurations