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Hyperion Interactive Report Online Training

Starting Interactive Reporting
Starting Interactive Reporting.
Opening and Saving a Sample File
Opening and Saving a Sample File.
Creating a sample query
Creating a sample query
Viewing Database Tables
Viewing Database Tables.
Adding Topics to query
Adding Topics to query
Viewing Results
Reordering Columns.
Sorting Columns
Filtering Data.
Calculating Data.
Pivoting Data.
Drilling Down.
Hiding Data.
Adding Color.
Charting data
Sorting Charts.
Inserting Text Labels.
Designing Reports
Creating smart Reports.
Sorting Columns.
Setting up a Report page
Inserting Sections and Breaks
Inserting Sections and Breaks.
Changing Views
Changing Views.
Formatting Text and other elements
Formatting Text and other elements.
Setting interactive reporting options
Setting interactive reporting options.
Exporting document as web page
Exporting document as web page.
Export to HTML Wizard
Export to HTML Wizard.
Spot lighter
Spot lighter.
Query Section.
Building queries.
Processing Queries
Saving Queries
Derived Tables.
Working with query section data.
Results section.
Enhancing your results set.
Working with results table.
Saving Results set.
Exporting Results set
Working with Tables
Table Section.
Creating Tables.
Manipulating Table Data.
Working with Table Components.
Querying Multidimensional Databases
Olap Query Section
Defining OLAP Query Options
Building OLAP Queries.
Refining OLAP Query data.
Processing OLAP Queries.
Applying Filters.
Cube query
Cube Query Catalog.
Member selection.
Query options.
Showing as Chart.
Exporting a Cube query.
Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables
Creating Pivot Table.
Charting a Pivot table.
Working with Pivot table.
Pivoting Data.
Report Designer
Report Section.
Creating a custom report.
Working with a report page.
Formatting report items.
Computed Items
About Computed Items.
Adding Computed items.
Common computed item example.
Applying Sorts
Sorting Data.
Simple Sort.
Sort lines.
Complex Sorting.
Nested Sorting.
Understanding Connectivity in Interactive Reporting
About IR Database connection files.
Working with interactive reporting connection.
Connecting to database.
Data Modeling
About Modeling.
Building a data model.
Understanding joins.
Working with Data Models
Security for Interactive reporting
Security for Interactive reporting.
Introduction to dashboards
Introduction to dashboards.
Migrating reports with dashboards
Migrating reports with dashboards