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Hyperion Essbase Online Training

Hyperion Essbase Online Training content

1. Data Warehousing Concepts
Introduction of Data-Warehousing Concepts
Schema Models
OLAP Models and brief explanation on ROLAP and MOLAP
Identification of Dimensions and Facts and create the Model to build cubes based on Real-Scenarios
Introduction to Hyperion Tools and Advantages
Essbase Architecture and Flow of Development Life Cycle of Essbase Cubes
Essbase Installation and Configuration Procedure
2. Essbase Storage Properties
Essbase Terminology and Family Tree Relationships
Introduction of Database Design
Data Storage Properties
Time Balance and Expense Reporting Properties
UDAS, Attribute and Alternate Hierarchies
Introduction to ASO and BSO Options
Creating Essbase Applications and Databases
Understanding the Time, Scenario and Measures Dimension Concepts
Creating and building the dimensions rule files using Essbase Administration Services Console
Loading the data in Different Methods
Consolidation Operators
Duplicate Member Name Support
3. Essbase Cube Implementation from Scratch
Creating Standard and Attribute Hierarchies
Creating Accounts Hierarchies
ETL Operations while Rule File Building
Dimensional and Data Loading using Interface tables and Flat Files
4. BSO Cube Implementation
Dense and Sparse Concept, Block Structure
Data Storage Properties
Calculation Scripts
Hour-Glass Method Importance
Design and Optimization Technique
Partitions and there types
5. ASO Cube Implementation
ASO Physical Structure
Table space and Restructuring
MDX Scripts
Design and Optimization
6. Scripts
Automation of Cube Loading using MaxL Scripts
Report Scripts 7. Security and Administration
Introduction to Shared Services Console
Creating Users and Groups
Assign Cube and Filter Access to Groups
Essbase Config, Server and Application Log Files
Locks and Sessions
Backup and Recovery Methods
Introduction to Life Cycle Management and Usage
8. Introduction to Excel-Addin and Smart View
Accessing Cubes using Essbase Excel-Addin and generate Reports
Performing Adhoc Analysis using Smart View Tool
Various Options that is available in Essbase Excel-Addin and Smart-View Tools