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Business Objects Online Training

Data warehousing/Dimensional modeling Practical Concepts
Types of OLAP
Dimensional modeling
Data mart/Data warehouse Life cycle
Star/Snow/Extended Star schema design
Database Concepts needed for Data warehousing:
Joins & Cardinality
Views/Materialized Views
Date/Time Functions
Conversion functions
Derived table & Stored Procedure
BOXIR3 Architecture
Architectural overview
Client tier components
Application tier components
Intelligence tier
Processing tier
Data tier
Security management
Information flow
Universe Design:
Understanding Business Objects Universes
Creating the Course Universe
Building the Universe Structure
Creating Dimension Objects
Creating Measure Objects
Resolving Loops in a Universe
Resolving SQL Traps
Using List of Values
Applying Restrictions on Objects
Using @Functions with Objects
Using Hierarchies
Deriving Tables & Indexes
Working with Aggregate Awareness
Designing Advanced Objects
Creating Predefined Condition
LOVs & Joins
Securing Universes
Implementing Universe Life Cycle Mgmt
Maintaining & Optimizing Universes
Creating Universe from Other Data sources
Web intelligence:
Understand concepts of Web intelligence
Create Web Intelligence documents with Queries
Restrict data returned by a query
Design a report
Enhance the presentation of data in reports
Format a report
Calculate data with formulas and variables
Use multiple data sources
Analyze data
Manage and share Web Intelligence documents
Work with Advanced Query techniques
Work with calculation contexts
Create formulas with character & date string functions
Use "If" logic
Work with additional reporting techniques
Create hyperlinks
Crystal Reports:
Planning a Report
Selecting Records
Formatting a Report
Representing Data Visually
Distributing Reports
Creating Basic Formulas
Organizing Data on a Report
Applying Section Formatting
Applying Conditional Reporting
Using the Repository
Using Report Templates
Creating Formulas
Building Parameterized Reports
Summarizing Data with Cross-Tabs
Using Report Sections
Managing Reports
Presenting Data Visually
Add hyperlinks to a report
Dashboard Builder:
Understanding Dashboard Manager
Setting Up Dashboard Manager
Creating Metrics
Automating Dashboards with Rules
Creating Analytics
Creating Personal Dashboards
Creating Corporate Dashboards
Guiding Dashboard Navigation
Xcelsius-Scorecard Builder:
Creating a Model
Adding Interactivity to a Model
Creating a Connected Model
Connect to Crystal Reports data and create Dashboard
Connect to Web intelligence report data and
Create Dashboard
Connect to Business Objects Universes
Using Query as a web service and create Dashboard
Use Live Office data and create Dashboard
Use other connectivity components and create Dashboard
Migration from BO5.X to BOXIR3:
Migration fundamentals
How Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.0
Compares with versions 5.x and 6.x
Migration concepts
Import Wizard Concepts
Understanding object migration
Understanding user and group migration
Migration planning and assessment
After migration with the Import Wizard
Understand the Business Objects
Enterprise interface & architecture
Manage Business Objects Enterprise content
Secure Business Objects Enterprise content
Secure application security
Schedule content
Publish reports
Identify Business Objects Enterprise architecture
Perform common server management tasks
Manage the Business Objects Enterprise servers
Installing BI Widgets
Using BI Widgets to Access BI Content
Working with widgets
BI Widgets Content Authoring Guidelines
Auto refresh of Widgets
Desktop Intelligence:
Introduction to desktop intelligence
Scope of analysis
Report creation
Saving the reports in local repository
Publishing the report
Report conversion (desktop) to (Webi)
Webi-rich Client:
Installing Web Intelligence Rich Client
Web Intelligence Rich Client working modes
Launching Web Intelligence Rich Client
To set user preferences in Web Intelligence Rich Client
Working with documents
Working with universes in Web Intelligence Rich Client
Accessing Web Intelligence from InfoView
Working with queries in Web Intelligence Rich Client
Working with reports
Universe Builder & Query Builder:
Universe Builder basics
Building universes from XML metadata sources
Updating XML metadata source universes
Exporting a universe to a XML file format
Query as Web service:
Configuring the QWS with BO System
Creating Webservice report from Universes
Creating WSDL reports
Using WSDL reports in external application
Getting Started with Business Objects Voyager
Using Queries to Analyze Cube Data
Using Charts to Visualize Data
Selecting Members to Display in Crosstabs and Charts
Sorting, Filtering, and Ranking Data
Highlighting Exceptions in Data
Saving and Sharing Voyager Workspaces
Security Implementation:
Creating Secured users & group
Creation secured connections
Creation of Secured objects
Creation of security at Table, Column &row level
Creation of secured restriction set and mapping to users or groups