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About Us

ERP has come in as driving tools for enterprises for a few years now.

We all would like to have a Vanilla implementation but with growing user requirements, developments have increased considerably. 7Hills Technologies offers a unique service to standardize and clean your code based on structure based approach similarly integrating through an simulation of the entire Business Process at our center , keeping Customers Business Model .A few list of services we offer are :

Standardization of Code This includes structure of the code, variable declarations, subroutines and making sure that the code has been structured based on the development standards

Improvisation of Application Performance Fine Tuning and improvisation of the application process is where we use all the standard SAP checks that are required to Fine Tune. There are certain critical programs with growing data requires the process to be more structured as the process gets more used in course of day to day transactions .

Documentation Management The biggest challenge consultants face in course of the development is DOCUMENTATION. We address the needs through our standard and proven structure templates enabling the knowledge delivery (KT) a simple means of sharing inputs, which in turn gets the customer or and user comfortable with the new environment. The main issue for all customers is the level of technical documentation for all of their custom development...

Pre-Upgrade preparation This exercise makes sure that before the technical upgrade happens, all the programs have been thoroughly checked before the actual upgrade. This makes the upgrade processes much smoother.